Easy Cloud Migration with Datomizer

Cloud Migration with Datomizer

Migrate your data to the cloud with Datomizer NAS Vaults and your data is always available.


  • Automatic migration for AWS with S3NAS Vault
  • Cloud Agnostic for any public cloud provider with CloudVault
  • Datomizer machine uploads and disperses the data to any of the public clouds
    and between them
  • Access to Cloud Scale of up to 15 Petabytes
  • Military-Level Security with both encryption and proprietary InformationDNA technology
  • Data can be geographically dispersed within country borders where required
  • Backup operations are consolidated
  • Vaults are file systems natively integrated with migration operations
  • 10X Data Transfer speed increases
  • Data Atoms are geographically dispersed
  • Failed Node Protection secures your data if a number of data centers or nodes goes offline
  • Self healing technology maintains the integrity of your data
  • Data control always remains in your hands through powerful and simple Control Center GUI
  • Virtual Machine Data Recovery


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